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CNC Super-precision Lathes
CNC Vertical Turning Lathes CNC Sliding Head Automats CNC Automats
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1. These imported machines are manufactured by high tech enterprise which specializes in high-efficiency CNC Disc grinders, industry robots, lapping/polishing machine, piston ring processing machines, etc. Their products are widely used in the national major economic field of automobile, IT electronics, aviation, military industry, medicine, packaging, Computer Industries etc.
Vertical Double Disc Grinders
For bearing, valve plate, seal, oil pump vane, piston ring, etc.
High-speed Numerical Control Camshaft Grinder
Vertical Lapping Polishing Machine
For polishing/lapping single surface of metal parts, such as valve plate, wearing plate, rigid seal ring, cylinder piston ring and oil pump blade, well as processing thin and hard brittle non-metal components of glass, ceramic, sapphire, etc.
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